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Boat party with Martinez Brothers


We rocked the boat with Martinez Brothers!!! March, Miami, 2013.

I had an amazing opportunity to enjoy LIVE music of Martinez Brothers at a boat party in Downtown Miami. There are things that you can find only in March and only in Miami during Ultra Music Festival and Winter Music Conference and one of those things was the party on a three-floor boat with incredible DJs – Martinez Brothers!!! It felt like it was a private event and everyone was a VIP! Incredible atmosphere with best music and cool people! It was such a GREAT time!!!

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DJ Miga, This Friday 10pm

DJ Miga Guest at Spin4ever.comMiga – a young and very promising DJ and musician! Miga start his Dj career at 2004. Then began his rapid ascent, all skills has been acquired independently long and hard days spent in self-learning led to that in 2006, Jiffy become a resident of NC Cardinal in his town. Parallel to this, young DJ making his own works! In 2007 Miga become resident “Continent”, 2008 – “Calypso” at this time and formed the mainstream of music in which Miga is starting to find it TECHNO! In 2009, familiarity with the Tarni, one of the best remixers theirs Outback! 2010 birth of a project Tarni & Miga and flashes out a dozen of their collaborations, and remixes on Russian masters of DJing. Universal popularity among them and a huge number of listeners, and numerous performances and crazed fans – is that today accompanies them!

Miga offers to your attention one of his recent works. Especially for you.

“Listen to my heart..” Miga

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Soul Technique Show with Max Kenji

Soul Technique with Max KenjiDJ Max Kenji is young talented DJ from Russia. He attended DJ School in Tyumen, his native city, where he was a part of DJ community. Max began interested in music since he was a child and his passion for music became his career. He was taught by the best House DJ’s of the city. After graduating, Max became interested in music production. DJing is still his main interest.

“This show was made from my heart, you can catch the melody of my soul in this music, the sounds which i follow. I used different styles of music in this show, such as Minimal Techno, Electro House, Progressive House, Tech House, so enjoy the show” Max Kenji

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